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Welcome to the Scottish Government Health Directorates Capital and Facilities website.

The Scottish Government is committed to the control of NHSScotland capital expenditure and to the continual review of the NHSScotland asset base.

Capital and Facilities Division, within the Scottish Government Health Directorates Health Finance and Infrastructure Team, works with stakeholders to ensure that NHSScotland makes best use of its physical assets (land and property, equipment, vehicles and, Information Technology) and is equipped to procure and provide an appropriate quality of healthcare facilities which complement and support the wider health policies and priorities of the Scottish Government.


The Division has responsibility for:

  • Those policies relating to the planning, procurement and management of physical assets from which healthcare services are delivered
  • Coordinating and managing the NHSScotland Infrastructure Investment Programme to ensure investment in modern, fir for purpose assets
  • Setting and monitoring arrangements for the use of public capital resources and revenue finance across NHSScotland
  • Overseeing the governance and performance management arrangements for NHSScotland assets
  • Lead responsibility for the SGHS Capital Investment Group which approves and monitors delivery of major investment projects developed by NHSScotland Boards

This Capital and Facilities website is structured around the four main topics as per the menu headings in the navigation bar above, namely:

Capital Planning

Information and policy on all matters relating to the NHSScotland Infrastructure Investment Plan, including the Scottish Capital Investment Manual and supporting guidance, the Capital Investment Group and, information on individual projects.


Information and policy on all matters relating to the procurement and management of NHSScotland's physical assets, including asset management, design quality, fire safety, car parking, medical devices.

Sustainable Development

Information and policy relating to the sustainable development responsibilities of NHSScotland Boards as impacts on the asset base, including climate change, waste management, etc.

Property Transactions

The NHSScotland Property Transactions Handbook is intended to ensure that NHSScotland property is bought, sold and leased at a price and on other conditions which are the best obtainable for the public interest at that time.

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